Sunday, April 19, 2009

Culture shock and pumpkin soup

When I first arrived in my university town Somewhere in Europe, I suffered from massive culture shock. This was somewhat unexpected, since I had fairly easily adjusted to living in Japan as an undergrad and assumed that a western European country, being much more similar to my own, would be even easier. I was very wrong. I have, 2 and a half years later, mostly adjusted though this town is still not high on my list of favourite places to live.

Last night I was reminded yet again that I am not at home. Why does no other country in the world have switches on their power points? And, given this lack of switches, why on earth would you sell appliances with no on/off switch? The blender that I bought when I moved here can only be switched on by plugging it in to the socket, a fact which strongly contributed to me covering part of the kitchen with pumpkin soup last night...


  1. Hi, and welcome to the blogosphere!!

    There aren't many CS-ers, but there are a few I can tell you about. Rebecca at Adventures in Applied Math, Gail at, Nicky at Grad Ovaries, and ScienceGirl at Curiosity Killed the Cat are all computing related. Oh yeah, and Jane at See Jane Compute. That's all I've got though...but we're a fun bunch!!

  2. Thanks for those. Jane I have already been following, but the rest I will add to my ToRead list.

  3. Wow, I love Google Alerts! I just got notification that Phizzle has written my blog's address, and now I have a new blog to read. Yay! :)